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Holistic Rubric Advantages

  • Quick scoring and they provide an overview of student achievement.
  • Easily obtain a single dimension if that is adequate for your purpose.

Holistic Rubric Disadvantages

  • Not very useful to help plan instruction because they lack a detailed analysis of a students strengths or weaknesses of a product.
  • Do not provide very detailed information.

Analytical Rubric Advantages

  • Provides meaningful and specific feedback along multiple dimensions.
  • Scoring tends to be more consistent across students and grades.
  • Easier for the teacher to share with students and parents about certain strengths and weaknesses.
  • Helps students to better understand the nature of quality work.

Analytical Rubric Disadvantages

  • It is more difficult to construct analytical rubrics for all tasks.
  • Tends to be quite time consuming.
  • Lower consistency among different raters.

Advantages of Rubrics in General

  • Forces the teacher to clarify criteria in detail.
  • Useful feedback for the effectiveness of instruction.
  • Motivates students to reach the standards specified.
  • Narrows the gap between instruction and assessment.
  • Flexible tool, having uses across many contexts, in many grade levels and for a wide range of abilities.
  • Potential to be transferred into grades if necessary.
  • Can offer a method of consistency in scoring by clearly defining the performance criteria.
  • Giving the child more control of their own learning process.
  • Potential to open communication with caregivers.

Disadvantages of Rubrics in General

  • Rubrics can also restrict the students mind power in that they will feel that they need to complete the assignment strictly to the rubric instead of taking the initiative to explore their learning.
  • If the criteria that is in the rubric is too complex, students may feel overwhelmed with the assignment, and little success may be imminent.
  • For the teacher creating the rubric, they may find the task of developing, testing, evaluating, and updating time consuming.

Like with anything, there are many opinions on the rubric. Give this youtube video a little consideration. What do you think?

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